Lake and House Casgrain with Heron – Halston

Lake and House Casgrain with Heron

by Piet Leutsch

That's it: Piet Leutsch's home in Canada for over 30 years, with the dreamy unspoiled lake and the blue heron, the ultimate personal surroundings of the artist and part of the ongoing story of his life as an artist. The heron he considers as his animal of power, his bird of inspiration. He named his print workshop 'Heron Press' and each of his woodblock prints is stamped with the carved sign of a heron.

This is a unique piece as only a few of his drawings are depicting the house, the lake and the bird at the same time together. 

1986, acrylic on paper

22 x 30 inches, unframed
(56 x 76 cm)